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“Why us?” is probably the most important question asked when we interact with our clients. So many things are being done differently by us and they can be condensed into three words, Service, Accountability and Value.

In South Africa, the word service is often neglected, at Commercial Communication we differentiate ourselves by delivering the best service possible in our industry. We appreciate the long-term relationships we have with our clients both during the sales and in-life process.

We are the only company that will assign an Account Manager to you that will remain your single point of contact for all your interaction with us. This ensures a homogenous process from presales, sales process and in-life. You will not be passed from person to person in your quest to receive the service you deserve. Accountability is guaranteed. 

Our propositions make use of the “best of breed “products which ensures our clients get a fair deal, although savings is the driving force we believe in value-adds which will increase our client’s business process efficiencies and therefore their bottom line. Adding value to our propositions snowballs into an unrivalled final product line-up.

With a combined experience of nearly a hundred years you and your business will be in good hands and our transparent processes will keep you informed throughout the journey with us. Whether it be telecoms, fibre connectivity, data, office automation, cloud services or CCTV, we deploy specialists in every field which gives you peace of mind and you can get on with running your business.

Take the journey with us and experience service and value for your money.